This guide helps to migrate from the 3.X version to the 4.X version

Updating the Gradle

  • Open the build.gradle of your project (named build.gradle(Project: XXX))
  • replace with
maven {
     url ""
 maven {
     url ""
  • Open the build.gradle of your app (named build.gradle(Module: app))

  • Replace the previous SDK dependency com.connecthings.adtag:android-adtag-beacon with com.connecthings.herow:herow-detection

  implementation "com.connecthings.herow:herow-detection:4.1"

Updating the Objects name

All the objects starting with "Adtag" now starts with "Herow". The main objects renamed are:

  • AdtagInitializer -> HerowInitializer
  • AdtagPlaceDetectionManager -> HerowDetectionManager

Updating the imports

All the imports named com.connecthings.adtag must be renamed to com.connecthings.herow

Connecting to the Adtag Platform

The url types to connect to the Adtag platform are now PRE_PROD_ADTAG and PROD_ADTAG.

Think to update the url type when initializing the SDK.

If you are not sure if your application still have to connect to the prod platform or the prod Adtag platform, please contact our support team.