What you will learn

This article synthesizes what you need to check before you publish an iOS application that interacts with beacons.

Xcodeproj and Capabilities

Our SDK does not need any specific iOS 'capabilities' to run properly, and in particular, it does not require any location background mode capability or BLE accessories background mode capability (unless you need to perform background long beacon ranging).

If these capabilities are not needed by your application but enabled anyway, your application will be rejected by the iOS App Review team.

iTunes Connect

Complete the "App Review Information" section

Include a demonstration video

To publish any application, you must provide the iOS App Review Team with a video that shows the various possible interactions between your application and beacons.

You have to provide the link to this video with an explanation in the App Review Application section of the iTunes Connect publication page.

Provide a beacon for tests

You must provide a UUID / Major / Minor in the App Review Application section, to allow the iOS App Review Team to perform live tests on your application.


Below is a sample text that you can use to provide additional comments regarding your application submittal, in the note zone of your App Review Application section.

"Dear iOS App Review team,

Please note that our application is made to interact with beacons.
You may test these interactions with a beacon configured with the following UUID / Major / Minor: [X / X / X].
You may discover all of the possible interactions between our application and the beacons in the following video: [video link]"

Declare your application using the advertisingIdentifier

Our SDK analytics library uses the advertisingIdentifier. Do not forget to declare it when you publish your application.