All notable changes to the Android SDK are documented in this file.

2.8.2 - (October 26, 2017)

  • FEATURE: add an option to turn on the lock screen when receiving a notification

2.8.1 - (October 18, 2017)

  • FIX: migrate on the last version of the AltBeacon library (2.12.3) to be fully compatible with Android O

2.8 - (Septembre 22, 2017)

  • FEATURE: Manage multi-lines notifications

  • FEATURE: Create a dedicated notification channel for notifications on Android O devices

  • FIX: click on the refuse button of the bluetooth notification does not have any effect

2.7.8 - (July 04, 2017)

  • FIX: scanning parameters where not correctly updated from the Adtag Platform

2.7.7 - (June 01, 2017)

  • FIX: Remove duplicate permissions that can block the APK publication on the play store.

2.7.6 - (May 12, 2017)

  • FEATURE: The SDK is fully configurable from the Adtag Platform.

  • FEATURE: Beacon Notifications & Beacon Alerts with Vocalization

    • Your application now support accessibility. The content of notifications or alerts can be read for visually-impaired users.
    • To improve the user experience you can fill a text to speech field on the Adtag Platform.
  • FEATURE: Beacon Notifications with images

    • Your application can generate beacon notifications and welcome notifications with an image, on iOs 10+ and Android 4+
    • Each image must be pre-loaded on the Adtag Platform
  • FEATURE: Beacon Alerts with images

    • Your application can generate beacon alerts with an image
    • Each image must be pre-loaded on the Adtag Platform
  • FEATURE: Asynchronous Listeners

    • This new version introduces three new listeners permitting asynchronous tasks:
      • AsyncBeaconNotificationListener
      • AsyncWelcomeBeaconNotificationListener
      • AsyncBeaconAlertListener
    • The old listeners are deprecated but can still be used.

2.5.6 - (January 19, 2017)

  • FEATURE: Automatic Notifications

    • The SDK now comes with the ** BeaconNotificationListener** and ** BeaconWelcomeNotificationListener** implemented by default
      • This means that the SDK can generate beacon notifications as soon as it has been initialized
      • You can disable beacon notifications if you don't want your application to generate local notifications when detecting beacons.
  • FEATURE: The SDK allows to detect beacons across several uuids

  • FEATURE: All logs are now automatically generated but make sure you respect the specifications when you configure your intent.

  • IMPROVEMENT: improved background scanning frequency for quicker reception of the notifications.

  • CHANGE: all SDK dependencies must be replaced with com.connecthings (previously android.connecthings)

  • CHANGE: the didRangeBeaconsInRegion method from the BeaconRange listener has been renamed to didRangeBeacons, and the Region argument has been removed

2.4.6 - (October 17, 2016)

  • FIX : correct a bug on the scanning beacon process on Android 7.0 devices.

2.4.2 - (August 23, 2016)

  • FEATURE: restart of the beacon service when the application is killed or the phone is rebooted

  • FEATURE: the Alert process has been re-designed, with simpler beacon interactions when the application is in the foreground, and more flexibility.

  • FEATURE: introduction of the concept of "Welcome Notifications".

  • A Welcome Notification is displayed the first time your application detects a beacon.
  • A specific Welcome Notification can be displayed when your application has no internet connection.
  • FEATURE: addition of the background Beacon Scanning Manager to have control over the beacon scanning period by the SDK

  • FEATURE: addition of the background bluetooth activation management feature to choose the behavior of your application if bluetooth is disabled

  • FEATURE: to avoid any conflict with any other AltBeacon library, creation of our own fork on Github using a different package name (com.connecthings.altbeacon vs org.altbeacon).

  • IMPROVEMENT: notification strategies have two new methods to save associated data

    • load(DataHolder): to restore the data of a Notification Strategy
    • save(DataHolder): to save the data of a Notification Strategy
  • CHANGE: all dependencies to the org.altbeacon library must be replaced with com.connecthings.altbeacon

  • CHANGE: all Notification Strategies have migrated from android.connecthings.util.adtag.beacon.strategy package to android.connecthings.util.adtag.beacon.strategy.Notification package

  • CHANGE: the AdtagBeaconManager.start(context) is not available anymore. It is now automatic.

2.3.10 - (April 5, 2016)

  • FIX: the multimedia url building process

2.3.9 - (March 23, 2016)

  • FEATURE: Add the Adtag Demo Platform to the list of available Platform.
  • FIX: Correct a bug when no BeaconNotification was registered to the AdtagBeaconManager

2.3.7 - (February 29, 2016)

  • FEATURE: Update the webservice url
  • FIX: correct a bug when the url returns an error

2.3.5 - (February 12, 2016)


The SDK introduces the "Notification Strategy" concept.

A Notification Strategy permits to modify the algorithm that manages the display of a local notification associated with a beacon.

2.2.1 - (December 11, 2015)

Android 6 permission system

  • The SDK permits to log the permissions accepted/refused by a user
  • Update cBeacon and QRNfcDemo sample to give an integration example of the new permission system:
    • cBeacon, integrating the beacon SDK, needs ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION
    • QRNfcDemo, integrating the QR CODE and NFC SDK, needs PERMISSION_REQUEST_CAMERA


  • Tracking of the beacons around a user
  • Rewrite the user tracking based on the User Google Accounts using instead the Google Advertiser Id
  • Log the new Location Permission approval

Model update

  • AdtagContent, BeaconContent has moved from package android.connecthings.adtag.model to android.connecthings.adtag.model.sdk
  • enum PROXIMITY into BeaconContent has been renamed BEACON_PROXIMITY and has moved to package android.connecthings.utils