To update the content of a notification on the Adtag platform, you need to:

Connecting to the Adtag Platform

  • Enter your login and password
  • You are now on the interface that allows you to manage Points & their corresponding content


Make sure that your app is configured to work on the same environment as the Adtag environment you are accessing.

Selecting a point and editing its content

  • Click on a point

  • A slider menu opens, with all the characteristics of the point (Context & Content information)
  • Click on Edit in the menu

  • You can now update the information related to the point
  • Click on the iBeacon tab

  • A notification is managed through the Beacon Notification category, which contains the two following fields:

    • Title: title of the notification
    • Description: description of the notification
  • As an easy illustration, simply update the title of the notification.

  • Click on Save on the header menu to validate your changes

Testing the update